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SVA ROM for Samsung Galaxy

SVA ROM SM-G9008W Duos v12.0 Superb ZMU1BOK3
( Lollipop )

от 31 декабря 2015  ( from 31 december 2015 )

Android Lollipop SVA ROM for SM-G9008W Duos
  1. SVA ROM SM-G9008W Duos v12.0 Superb ZMU1BOK3   (Smooth and stable as rock).
  2. Wipe /data is required!

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      Инструкция по установке:

      1. Сделать CWM backup того, что установлено
      2. Прошить Modem, Bootloader for v12.x (ссылки ниже)  (обязательно)
      3. Рестарт в режим Recovery (TWRP) и прошить SVA ROM.

      4. Внимание!
        При установке SVA ROM автоматически НЕ делается очистка раздела /data.


      Installation instructions:

      1. Make CWM backup what is installed
      2. Flash Bootloader and Modem (see below)  (be sure)
      3. Reboot in Recovery mode (TWRP) and flash SVA ROM.

      4. Attention!
        When installing SVA ROM automatically NOT makes cleaning partition /data.

    Original Samsung stock PAC for v12.x:  G9008WZMU1BOK3_G9008WCHM1BOK32_CHM_PAC.zip  flash it with Odin3.10.6 (extract from zip and put corresponding sections in BL, AP, CP, CSC and flash)
    For example: to flash bootloader and modem you must extract:
    BL_G9008WZMU1BOK3_CL5550904_QB7153440_REV08_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 - bootloader (put it in BL section)
    CP_G9008WZMU1BOK3_CL5550904_QB7153440_REV08_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 - modem (put it in CP section)

    TWRP Recovery from xiaolu last version:  here  (put it in AP section and flash)

    TouchWiz for v12.x (grid 4x5 home, 5x6 apps) - flash with TWRP: G9008W_tw_v12_4x5_5x6.zip

    KitKat version here:  SVA ROM SM-G9008W Duos v4.5 Superb XXU1ANJ1